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It’s time to create your dernier cri. Bring out your

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5 Blackhead Recipes you MUST try

Getting rid of Blackheads and their unsightly appearanc

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Minty Citrus Gelatin Mask

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Citrus from fruits such as lemons or limes acts as a na

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Baking Soda and Coconut Paste

This Baking Soda and coconut paste scrub will exfo

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Honey Pat Down Method

Honey is naturally antibacterial. This property makes i

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Egg White Mask Recipe

This egg white mask acts as a natural sheet mask. It cl

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Gelatin Milk Mask for Black Heads Recipe

This is a simple resolution for ridding blackheads. Bla

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6 Beauty Must Trys

  This list will give you plenty to write hom

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Unleash your inner dazzle

Society has brainwashed people into thinking that they

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