It’s time to create your dernier cri. Bring out your favorite banging boots, heels, sweaters, scarves and most beloved attire. What statement do you want to make? Do you want to go bold, rebellious, chic, or subtle

During any season you can create your own trends. So we have some tips and tricks to help you create your own fall modus operandi. Our goal here is to tell you how to trend not what is trending.

What causes a trend?

Simple ways to create your own trends is to do a bit of research. Trends are caused by multiple factors such as celebrities, athletes, seasons and influencers. Trends begin when a group of people becomes infatuated with what someone is currently wearing and wants to immolate the style.

Finding inspiration.

when looking for the next trend, take a look around you where will you gain most of your inspiration for your Operandi? It can be from anything from plants, animal, celebs or previous fashions. Find out what works for you and flaunt it with confidence. Confidence is key and the main ingredient to a trend

Putting the pieces together.

Once you find the pieces and/or essence you chose to be a part of your new found denier cri then you can start putting your pieces together. think about the layers you wish to use such as Shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Scarf, Pants, skirts, Tights and/or boots of some sort. Imagine on how you would layer them and what color scheme would best fit you.

Embracing your new style.

 Don’t be afraid– Be different! Try those prints that catch your eye and the colors you wouldn’t dare to entertain. You should display your favorite assets and flaunt them well. Don’t let what others might have to say sway your fashion choice. Be uniquely you and remember you are the trend, so create waves