Society has brainwashed people into thinking that they have to meet the expectations of others to be accepted. Today its all about keeping up with the latest trends, wearing the most expensive brands, and looking like the most admired celebrities. Society tries to tell us what we should look like, dress like, and who we should act like based on what the majority are following. 

photo of woman holding white and black paper bags

Most people are afraid to be themselves because they feel that their ideas are outside of normal tradition. They think that if they don’t wear a specific brand or style, they won’t fit in or may appear to be uncool.

When we try to live our lives pleasing everyone else by doing what makes them happy instead of ourselves, we are allowing our identities to be stolen. Our identity is stolen when we have been forced to become what we truly are not by doing what is expected by us from sitting in shopping cart during daytime

You don’t have to be a size 2, have big boobs, or a juicy bootie to be a cutie. You are beautiful in every way regardless of your size or shape. You don’t have a jag to have swag or social media followers to be important. You are extraordinary just the way you are.two woman sitting on bed inside room

In order to find our inner dazzle, We must search within ourselves to find what truly makes us happy and do it phenomenally without caring what anyone else thinks or feels. Wear your hair, makeup, or wardrobe with confidence because confidence in who you are is the only thing that defines you.  Finding our inner dazzle allows us to remain consistent with how we define ourselves and prevents us from being uncertain of who we are.woman standing near red background

Once you have unleashed your inner dazzle you will be able to create your own brand of beauty and can stop allowing others to determine what you need to make you feel or look beautiful.woman leaning on brick wall

Remember you are one of a kind, your beauty is unique from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  You have your own brand and your own style so don’t be afraid to show the world who you are or express yourself freely.